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Transcriptions: Researched ‘puzzle pieces’, a family story makes: William Archer of Powhatan, Virginia

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Following are my transcriptions of numerous newspaper clippings regarding William Archer of Powhatan, Virginia.


WILLIAM ARCHER SR. (grandfather)


William Archer of Powhatan, Virginia October 29, 1767
William Archer of Powhatan, Virginia

October 29, 1767 (Virginia Patriot, Richmond, Virginia, pg. 4)

STRAYED or STOLEN from Bermuda Hundred the last of January, a light bay horse about five years old, 4 feet nine or 10 inches high, a few white ??? on his forehead, and branded on the rear buttock WK in a piece. Whoever delivers the said horse to me living in Amelia County, shall have 20 shillings reward.

William Archer


Archer, William; March 21, 1806
William Archer of Powhatan, Virginia

March 21, 1806 (Enquirer, Richmond, Virginia, pg. 1)


A TRACT OF LAND, in the county of Amelia, containing 800 acres, within one mile of the Court House, about forty from Manchester, and the same from Petersburg. There is a most excellent ?and for a Tavern on this land. A credit of one, two and three years, will be given for the greater part of the purchase money. The subscriber also offers for sale, about twenty negroes, consisting of men, women and children. A credit of twelve months will be given; and could they be sold in families, I would allow a credit of two years.


Powhatan, March 14




Archer, William; September 2, 1806
William Archer of Powhatan, Virginia

September 2, 1806 (Enquirer, Richmond, Virginia, pg. 1)


The races will commence at this place, on Thursday the 18th of September, free for any horse, mare or gelding — weights as usual.

1st Day. — Three mile heats, for the amount of the subscription, after deducting contingent charges — say, about one hundred pounds.

2nd Day. — The proprietors purse, two mile heats — half the amount of the first day.

3rd Day. — An handy cap purse — two mile heats, for an elegant gig.

WILLIAM ARCHER, Sec’ry to the Club.

Powhatan, Court House, August 29. (ep9w.)


Archer, William; April 12
William Archer of Powhatan, Virginia

April 12, 1808 (Virginia Gazette and General Advertiser, Richmond, Virginia, Vol. XXL, Issue 1554, Pg. 1)

Cash Sales.

– o –

TO BE SOLD for ready money, at the front door of the Eagle Tavern, on Tuesday the 10th day of May next, by virtue of a deed of trust executed to the subscribers by David Ross, Esq. on the 28th day of November, in the year 1804, and recorded in the General Court, for the purposes therein mentioned.

One certain tract of Land in the county of Chesterfield, containing by estimation 645 acres, be the ssame more or less, commonly called Chester-Hill, together with the Lands appertaining thereto, as a moiety of a certain tract of Land adjoining, called Auburn Chase, in the whole 645 acres, being the same land conveyed by Ben. Mosby to the said David Ross by deed, bearing date the day of . The necessary conveyances will be made to the purchaser or purchasers on the paymen of the purchase money.

E. W. ROOTES, | Trus-


Richmond, April 8th, 1808.


PURSUANT to an Act of Assembly authorizing the Sale of the Glebe Land of Southam Parish, Powhatan County.

The undersigned Commissioner will offer for sale for Cash, the aforesaid Glebe Tract, on the premises, on Saturday the 28th day of May next. — The money arising from the sale, will, agreeably to the said act, be put to Interest, which Interest is to be paid annually to the Rev. John H. Saunders, the present incumbent.









April 7th, 1808. 6 wks.


Archer, William; August 23, 1811, Norfolk Gazette and Publick Ledger, (Norfolk, VA), Page 3.pdf 2014-04-02 10-21-22
William Archer of Powhatan, Virginia

August 23, 1811 (Norfolk Gazette and Publick Ledger, Norfolk, Virginia, Pg. 3)

At a Chancery District Court held in Williamsburg; the 16th day of July, 1811.

William Arthurs, Plaintiff, against

Thomas Archer, Lucy Archer, William Archer, John Archer, Susan Archer, and Sally Archer, heirs of Abraham Archer, deceased, the said Susan and Sally Archer being infants by Thomas Archer their guardian, assigned to defend them,


The bill in this cause having by an order entered therein on the twenty-fifth day of April last, been taken for confessed, as to the defendants Thomas, Lucy, William and John Archer, and the said defendants having been served with a copy of the said order, and failing to appear and answer the said bill, and the cause coming on by consent to be heard as to the defendants Susan and Sarah Archer on the bill, their answer, and the exhibits, the court on consideration thereof, doth adjudge, order, and decree, that Corbin Griffin, Thomas Griffin, and Francis Page, or any two of them, after giving four weeks previous notice of the time and place of sale, in one of the Norfolk newspapers and at the door of the Court-House in the town of York, do make sale of the houses and lots in the bill mentioned, lying in the town of York, at public auction, for ready money, and out of the proceeds of the sale after discharging the expenses thereof, pay unto the plaintiff the sum of seventy-one pounds with interest thereon, to be computed after the rate of six per centum per annum, from the eleventh day of October, 1804, till paid, and his costs by him expended in the prosecution of this suit, and divide the surplus thereof, if any, into six equal parts, and pay unto each of the defendants one sixth part thereof, and report their proceedings to the court in order to a final decree.

A copy,



In obedience to the foregoing decree, we shall, on Monday, the 16th day of September next, before the Swan Tavern in the Town of York, proceed to sell to the highest bidder, the property mentioned in the decree foregoing, and on the terms mentioned in said decree. This property is worthy the attention of a person wanting a family residence, the improvements on the lots are a two story frame Dwelling House, ?0 by 25 feet, a Kitchen and Dairy, with a garden enclosed and front year ; the situation is elevated and dry, lying on the banks of York river, pleasant and healthy in summer ; there are no buildings contiguous to this tenement which can either render its situation confined or the houses liable to fire ; on, this lot it is believed that a valuable spring of water may be opened near the building.

Signed Corbin Griffin,

Thomas Griffin,

Francis Page.

York Town, August 23, 1811. 4w


Archer, William; November 1, 1811, Virginia Patriot, (Richmond, VA), Page 1.pdf
William Archer of Powhatan, Virginia

November 1 and 29, 1811 (Virginia Patriot, Richmond, Virginia; Pg. 1 and Pg. 4)


At a Superior Court of Chancery, holden at the capitol, in the city of Richmond, the 2nd day of Sept. 1811.

Mathew Mosby, Martha F. Mosby, Thomas Jones, and Elizabeth his wife, late Elizabeth Mosby, which said Mathew, Martha F. and Elizabeth are children of the late Elizabeth Mosby, who was formerly Elizabeth Archer, – – – – – – Plt’s.


John Brander, administrator of Mary Archer, deceased; William Archer, and Blackman Mosby, – – – – – – Def’ts.

The defendant Blackman Mosby not having entered his appearance and given security according to the Act of Assembly and the rules of this court, and it appearing to the satisfaction of the court, that he is not an inhabitant of this country : On motion of the plaintiffs by their counsel, It is ordered, That the said defendant do appear here on the first day of the next term and answer the bill of the plaintiffs ; and that a copy of this order be forthwith inserted in some newspaper published in the city of Richmond for two months successively, and posted at the front door of the capitol in the said city. A copy — Teste,

wgt W.d: W. HENING, c. c.


Archer, William; January 11, 1812, Enquirer, (Richmond, VA), Page 4.pdf 2014-04-02 10-23-49January 11, 1812 (Enquirer, Richmond, Virginia, Pg. 4)

By virtue of a Deed of Trust executed to me by Sherley Eggleston, of the county of Amelia, for the purpose of securing a debt therein r???ed to be due to William Archer of Powhatan, will be sold for cash, at Amelia courthouse, on Saturday, the 11th of January, two negroes, called Katy and Isbell, the property of the said Eggleston.


Dec. 21. ???


Archer, William; May 4, 1814, Virginia Patriot, (Richmond, VA),.pdf
William Archer of Powhatan, Virginia

May 4, 1814 (Virginia Patriot, Richmond, Virginia)

Members elected to serve in the next Legislature of Virginia.

Warwick — William Garrow, John Jones

Powhatan — William Archer, William Crump

Cumberland — John Hatcher, German Baker

Prince Edward — Wm. Booker, Wm. Lindsey

Norfolk Borough — Miles King, Jr.

_________ County — C. B. Poindexter, M. Cooke

King & Queen — Humphrey Walker, W. R. Roane

Essex — Laurence Muse, Musco Garnett

Dinwiddie — John Pegram, John Watkins

Greensville — Thomas Spencer, J. M. Jeffries

Mecklenburg — John C. Goode, Arm. Burwell

Lunenburg — Robert Chappell, S. Niblett

Sussex — William Parham, Nathaniel Cargill

Culpeper — Zeph. Turner, John S. Barbour

Fauquier — Thomas Marshall, Thonton Buckner

Prince William — Red Foster, James E. North

Charles City — John Tyler, Benjamin Harrison

Pittsylvania — Rawleigh White, William Walton

Amherst — David S. Garland, Hill Garter

Campbell — Jesse Burton, Wm. J. Lewis

Henry — Robert Hairston, Robert Allen

Goochland — J. W. Bates, John Underwood

York — Robert G. Scott, Robert Pescud


Archer, William; October 29, 1814, Virginia Patriot, (Richmond, VA), Page 4.pdf
William Archer of Powhatan, Virginia

October 29, 1814 (Virginia Patriot, Richmond, Virginia, Pg. 4)

A petition was presented and read of William and Henry Heth, praying to be paid the sums of money at which two slaves (viz. one named Cyrus Archer, the property of the said Archer, and one named Dick, the property of the said Heath) were valued by the court of Chesterfield county, which sentenced them to death for the crime of burglary ; it appearing that the said slaves have broken jail, and escaped from custody, and have not sice been re-taken ; in consequence whereof the Auditor has refused to give the petitioners, respectively, warrants on the treasury :

Ordered, that the said petion be referred to the Committee of Claims ; that they do examine the matter thereof, and report the same with their opinion thereupon, to the House.


Archer, William; November 9, 1814, Virginia Patriot, (Richmond, VA), Page 4.pdf 2014-04-02 10-54-02
William Archer of Powhatan, Virginia

November 9, 1814 (Virginia Patriot, Richmond, Virginia, Pg. 4)

It appears also to your committee, from the petition and evidence of William Archer and Harry Heth, that two negro men, their slaves, were condemned to be hanged by the county court of Chesterfield on the charge of burglary ; that they were each valued at four hundred dollars ; that before the day of execution they broke jail & have never been heard of since ; and that they made application in due form to the Auditor for their values, which was refused by him, in consequence of their not being actually executed :

2. Resolved, therefore as the opinion of this committee, that the petition of William Archer and Harry Heth, praying compensation for the value of the aforesaid slaves, and interest thereon from the time of the sentence of the court for their execution, is reasonable.


Archer, William; March 6, 1816, Virginia Argus, (Richmond, VA), Volume I, Issue 99, Page 4.pdf Archer, William; March 6, 1816, Virginia Argus, (Richmond, VA), Volume I, Issue 99, Page 4.pdf
William Archer of Powhatan, Virginia

March 6, 1816 (Virginia Argus, Richmond, Virginia, Vol. I, Pg. 4)




A R C H E R S & A N D E R S O N ,

Will hereafter carry on the



Lately conducted by Wm. & Branch Archer, alone

Our OFFICE will be kept on D. Street, near the Bason.




Feb. 3. — 6t.


Archer, William; April 24, 1816
William Archer of Powhatan, Virginia

April 24, 1816 (American Beacon, Norfolk, Virginia, Vol. II, Issue 65, Pg. 3)



Powhatan — William Archer, Collin Clarke.*

Fairfax — ______ Thompson.* ______ Peake.*

Essex — Henry Lattaine, Robert Garnett.*

* New Members.


Archer, William; J. P. Cocke; July 5, 1822, Enquirer, (Richmond, VA), Volume XIX, Issue 17, Page 4.pdf 2014-04-02 10-22-14
William Archer of Powhatan, Virginia

July 5, 1822 (Enquirer, Richmond, Virginia, Vol. XIX, Issue 17, Pg. 4)

In Amelia County Court, May 23, 1822.

WILLIAM A. BAIRD and Avarilla his wife, formerly Avarilla Stringer, one of the children and distributees of Daniel Stringer, dec., Complainants,


James P. Cocke, sheriff of Amelia county, and as such adm’or of Daniel Stringer, elec. James Stringer, William Striner, Daniel Stringer, Armistead Stringer, John Stringer, Polly Stringer, Rebecca Stringer, William Smith and Betsy his wife, formerly Betsy Stringer, which said James, William, Daniel, Armistead, John, Polly, Rebecca and Betsy are children and distributees of Daniel Stringer, deceased, Defendants.

The defendants William Stringer, Daniel Stringer and Armistead Stringer, not having entered their appearance and given securitGy according to the act of Assembly, and rules of this court, and it appearing to the satisfaction of the court, that they are not inhabitants of this commonwealth : On the motion of the complainants by William S. Archer, Esq. their counsel, It is ordered, That the said defendants do appear here on the fourth Thursday in August next, and order be forthwith inserted in someone of the newspapers printed in Richmond or Petersburg for two months successively, and that another copy be posted at the front door of the Courthouse on two successive court days.

Copy — Teste J. T. LEIGH, Clk.

June 4. 8 — w8wII

Archer, William; October 11, 1822, Enquirer, (Richmond, VA), Volume XIX, Issue 45, Page 3.pdf 2014-04-02 10-42-28
William Archer of Powhatan, Virginia

October 11, 1822 (Enquirer, Richmond, Virginia, Vol. XIX, Issue 45, Pg. 3)

Departed this life on Sunday the 7th of Oct. at his residence in Powhatan county, WILLIAM ARCHER, Lieutenant Colonel of the 1st Regiment of Cavalry, in the 42d year of his age.

He was the eldest son of Major Peter F. Archer, and grandson of Colonel Wm. Archer of Amelia county. William Archer had ??????? represented the county of Powhatan for the last 1? years and his popularity in that county was so well established that he never lost an election. A kind master, a fond husband, an affectionate parent, and a steadfast friend : he ?????? to a quick and strong sense of injustice a geneality of temper and a limitless courage that would have ???? honor to the ??????????? of chivalry.

The tears of the poor for their benefactor, and the solemn and sad recollections of his acquaintance on the loss of their friend, are the best ??????????? on his ????????. He is gone : and ?? he had any of the failings of humanity they were ?? ??????????? so allied to the good qualities of his nature that in him they seemed to s?? ??? and ????? his ??? ?????? as appropriate virtues.

????? ?? ?? ?????: The man who sketches this frail memorial of his worth, has known him long and well, and owes him much : ?? ??? the ????? principle ????? cease ?? ?????, ??? memory shall fail to recollect amidst the long ????? of his future life, the gentle ???????????? manners and devoted friendship of William Archer.

?? ?????????? in Essex county on Saturday the ???? of September Miss REBECCA TAYLOR BEVERLEY, second daughter of Mr. Robert Beverley of that place.


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