London Marriages

Marriages, London: W & C – with that of Jabez Withers and Ann Curtis.

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This is my transcription of two pages of a marriage index for London, England, for names beginning with ‘W’ and ‘C’; including the marriage of Jabez Withers and Ann Curtis.




SURNAME of Person Married NAME of the same SUP. REGISTRAR’S DISTRICT Vol. Page
Withers Jabez Whitchurch VII 339
Withers Jane Newark XV 887
Withers Jane Tynemouth XXV 487
Withers John Islington III 240
Withers Mary Ann Portsea I. VII 216
Withers Mary Ann Marylebone III 261
Withers Oliver Shipp-Norton XVI 97
Withers Sarah Newtown XXVII 188
Withersley Charles Newington IV 403
Withey Elizabeth Edmonton III 114
Withey George Kensington III 301
Withey Joseph St. Pancras I 313
Withey Robert Edmonton III 114
Withington Louisa Camberwell IV 45
Withington Louisa St. Geo. South. R. IV 553
Withington Martha Newport ?al. XVIII 230
Withinshaw Samuel Walstanson XVIII 346
Withycombe Thomas Tavistock IX 547
Withey Ann Newington IV 419
Withey George Frederick Wycombe VII 665
Withey Harriet Charlotte Matilda Halborn II 120
Wittaker William Liverpool XX 373
Wittam Henry Aylsham XIII 5
Witte Caroline Isabell Chelsea III 43
Wittenoom Louisa Elisabeth Lambeth IV 377
Witter Alice Liverpool XX 314
Witter Richard Liverpool XX 309
Withering Jane Sercesser XV 141
Wittich Henry Whitechapel II 627
Wittingslow Benjamin Stowbridge XVIII 182
Wittington John Wigan XXV 729
Wittlesea Mary Ann N. Whitchford XIV 201
Witts Amelia Stroud XI 567
Witts Edward Winchester VII 337
Witts Hannah Westminster I 473
Witts ?ram Otley XXIII 573
Witts Mary Cheltenham XI 277
Witts William Wakingham VII 455
Witty Hannah Walton XXIV 523
Witty William Hull XXIII 348
Wix Mary Treebridge S. XIII 245
Wixon Jane Uxbridge III 409
Wixon John Uxbridge III 409
Wobbis Sarah Edmonton III 123
Wodehouse Mary Effingham XIII 183
Wodehouse Richard Effingham XIII 191
Woffenden George Hayfield XIX 589
Woffenden Harriet Bristol XI 198
Woffinden Mary Rotherham XXII 424
Woffinden Sarah Barnsley XXII 13
Walcott Elizabeth Honison X 231
Walder Bridget Birmingham XVI 449
Wolenholme John Manchester XX 500
Wolf Emma Nottingham XV 969
Wolf James Marylebone I 256
Wolf Mary Wrexham XXVII 450
Wolf Rachel Salford XX 929
Wolf William Bermondsey IV 16
Wolfe James S. ?ues XIV 291
Wolfe Milley Eleanor S. Martins I 168
Wolfenden Ann Manchester XX 749
Wolfenden Emma Manchester XX 558
Wolfenden Susey Halifax XXII 141
Wolff John Frederick Lewesham VII 391
Wolfinden Thomas Newton Abbot X 290
Wollf Eliza Bruce Stepney II 515
Wolgar Sarah Holmes W. Derby XX 1039
Wollacott William Torrington X 503
Wollam Mary ???? Strand I 441
Wollan Charles Chipp. Soobes XI 291
Wollaston Frederick Clun XVIII 171
Wollerson Thomas Huntingdon XIV 276
Wolley Harriet Alaham XX 836
Wolley James Williton X 903
Wolley Jane Nantwich XIX 177
Wolley John Clun XVIII 109
Wolrige Emma Edwina Stonehouse IX 869
Wolsincroft Joseph Manchester XX 515
Wolstanholme Margaret Blackburn XXI 42
Withers, Jabez and Curtis, Ann - Marriage Record 1
Withers, Jabez and Curtis, Ann – Marriage Record 1




SURNAME of Person Married NAME of the same SUP. REGISTRAR’S DISTRICT Vol. Page
Currey Arthur Lewisham V 379
Currick Robert Blofield XIII 47
Currie Ann Kendal XXV 555
Currie Ann Stepney II 557
Currie Elizabeth Liverpool XX 279
Currie James Bradford ? XXIII 273
Currie Letitia Stepney II 562
Currie Robert Lincoln XIV 833
Currie Walton St. Pancras II 353
Currier Frances Madeley XVIII 187
Currier John Walters Aston XVIII 290
Curry Ann Newcastle T XXV 420
Curry Ann Newcastle T. XXV 569
Curry Catherine Liverpool XX 401
Curry Charles Bath XI 33
Curry Ellen Gt. Boughton XIX 35
Curry Frances Newcastle T. XXV 387
Curry Henry ?asington XXIV 141
Curry Isabella Tynemouth XXV 463
Curry Jane Durham S. XXIV 107
Curry John Bristol XI 151
Curry John ?th Shields XXIV 213
Curry Leonard Tynemouth XXV 476
Curry Margaret Liverpool XX 356
Curry Mary Ann Newcastle T. XXV 425
Curry Thomas Harris Sunderland XXIV 339
Curry William Poplar II 354
Curson Mary Stoke Sumerall IX 502
Curson Mary Ann Walsingham XIII 585
Cursons Elizabeth Sth. Geo. Standly I 18
Curters Edward Tenterden V 584
Curtin Ellen Bethnal G. II 71
Curtin James Marylebone I 219
Curtin Peter Grayson Sculcoates XXIII 495
Curtis Alice Huntingdon XIV 271
Curtis Alice Alcester XVIII 275
Curtis Alice Boston XIV 380
Curtis Ann Bristol XO 213
Curtis Ann Whitchurch VII 339
Curtis Ann Poplar II 374
Curtis Ann King Trapston XVIII 637
Curtis Ann Turney W??am XIII 382
Curtis Charles Shnaresbro XXIII 384
Curtis Charles Wimborne VIII 348
Curtis Charles William Brentford III 1
Curtis David Orsett XIII 253
Curtis Edmund Clifton XI 371
Curtis Emma Cheltenham XI 251
Curtis Fanny Susan St. Pancras I 375
Curtis Frederick Northampton XV 491
Curtis George W. London II 294
Curtis George Charles Stepney II 535
Curtis Henry James Hastings VII 540
Curtis James Garstang XXV 353
Curtis Jane Mahurst VII 629
Curtis Jane Miller Stepney II 537
Curtis John Leicester XV 162
Curtis John Marylebone I 285
Curtis Joseph Aylesbury VI 507
Curtis Joseph Saustell IX 9
Curtis So-??hainah Bethnal G. II 54
Curtis Marianne Norwich XIII 473
Curtis Mary Medwar V 467
Curtis Mary Ann Whitchapel II 601
Curtis Mary Ann Peterbro XV 579
Curtis Samuel Leicester XV 151
Curtis Sarah Alverstoke VII 40
Curtis Thomas Neath XXVI 817
Curtis Thomas Acres S. Lukes II 332
Curtis William Marylebone I 270
Curtis William Stoke Danl IX 500
Curtis William N. Brighton VII 432
Curtis William Fordingbridge VIII 371
Curtis William Stepney II 561
Curtman Fanny Susan Exeter X 206
Curtois Rowland Horncastle XIV 743
Curwen Ellen Preston XXI 590
Curzon Emillie Elizabeth Helena Roper Seighton B. VI 131
Curzon Edward Billage Strand I 437
Withers, Jabez and Curtis, Ann - Marriage Record 2
Withers, Jabez and Curtis, Ann – Marriage Record 2


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